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We believe that wines translating the traditions and wealth of a people.

The Best Selection of Wines

The wines was selected by our oenologist directly at producers by visiting them. Quality and originality are the essential criteria of our selection. All our products comply with European standards.

Winery DAC​

¨DAC¨ Winery, a small wine producer, located on the banks of River Nistru, village of Racovat. The winery emphasizes on the quality of wines that are made from European and autochtones (indigenous) grape varieties.

Fautor Winery

FAUTOR, a family business established in the late twentieth century in southern Moldova. The winery and the vineyards are in Tigheci, in the viticultural area Valul him Traian.

Domeniile Panciu

Domeniile PANCIU vineyards is located in the bend of the North Carpathians of Vrancea department and are recognized for more than 2000 years for the quality of white wines.

Calarasi Divin

“Calarasi Divin” SRL is one of the oldest distillery of Moldova. It was founded in 1896 by David Sarajishvili.


Timbrus the name of the winery was inspired by the word “timbru” which means postmark and suggests the uniqueness of the wines. The Timbrus vineyard is located in the IGP Stefan Voda region in the micro-zone of Purcari, a village with a history in the quality of Moldovan wines.


Cricova is the first Moldovan winery to start producing sparkling wine using the traditional Champagne method. Its history begins in 1952 and until now it has been known for the quality of its wines, the underground galleries and the impressive collection of wines.


The family winery Salcuta was founded in 1995 in the village with the same name. The vines are found in the IGP Stefan Voda area in the south-east of Moldova. The peculiarities of the wines produced by Salcuta are brought back by the soil and by the influence of the Black Sea as well as by the Nistru river.

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Zagreus Winery

Zagreus Winery is a modern complex with a fully complete production cycle beginning from the grapes and ending with the bottle of wine.



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