Chardonnay – Feteasca Regala 2017

The noble blend of Chardonnay and Feteasca Regala (Moldavian grape variety) gives birth to an elegant and authentic wine, a jewelry in straw-colored with subtle green hues. Both varieties, with a beautiful aromatic palette, burst into a finesse of floral aromas, lime and jasmine, married with fruity aromas of white peaches. A rich and complex taste leaves a long and pleasant sensory memory. The natural elegance of the wine predisposes it for an aperitif, but it accompanies all the meals of fish and seafood in sauce or simply grilled. The finest floral aromas and sensual fruity notes of wine can be married with Asian cuisine.

Category: White wines

Brand:  Fautor

Tag: Moldavians wines

Alcohol: 13,0% vol

Barrel aging: No

Decant the wine: No

Type of Grape: Chardonnay, Feteasca Regala

Stopper: Agglomerated,

Tasting temperature: +10°C …+12°C

Aging in cave till: 2020

Type of wine: Dry, White

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